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Art Shanty Projects

During the Art Shanty Projects the frozen surface of Medicine Lake is transformed into a creative community space that is part art gallery, part art residency and part social experiment. Artists re-imagine the traditional ice fishing house as a place for participatory art emphasizing interaction between artist and audience. Art Shanty Projects has evolved into a Biennial event. During the year off the ice we will begin the Disperse Year, a decentralized project to build connections and expand the lakes and surplus spaces that can be utilized for temporary communities and participatory art projects. This will be a year-long effort and while the exact structure is still evolving, it is meant to disperse critical ideas of ASP into the world. The ideas we are most interested in are re-imagining how to use surplus or “public” space, bringing art and artists to places they are not normally found and facilitating interactions between artists and audience on a personal and neighborhood level. Mina Leierwood, Mike Haeg ParaDICE Come play The Holy Roller, the Art Shanty Projects board game and Scandahoovian yard games in a pair of dice shaped shanties. Emily Darnell, Molly Roth and Terese Elhard Snap Shot Shanty A context-driven portrait studio undoing the notion of a dark and lonely night and transforming it into an experience of light and festivity. Angela Sprunger, Kaara Nilsson, Julie Kesti, Dana Maiden, Scott Kesti Art Swap Shanty Bring a work of your creation and swap it for someone else’s. We’ll take your photo with what you brought and what you got and post to our blog: iceartswap.com [1]