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Beijing Film Academy

Beijing Film Academy is a full-time, higher professional school of film and art. Its forerunner is the Performance Art Institution of the Film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, which was founded in May 1950, and changed its name to the Film School of the Film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture in July 1951 and Beijing Film School in March 1953. The school was finally renamed the Beijing Film Academy on June 1, 1956.

Beijing Film Academy is the cradle of China film talent and currently the only institution specialized in film in China higher education. It has high reputation in the field of film and cultural art both in China and worldwide. Through 56 years’ development, it has build up a scientific cinematic specialties system and advanced film professional fostering system which can offer diploma, bachelor, master, and PhD degrees. Today BFA is a worldwide well known cinematic higher education institute with advanced cinematic teaching facilities, comprehensive specialties, experienced faculty, and leading innovation and academic research results. http://www.bfa.edu.cn/eng/EIndex.htm [1]