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Schubert Club

The Schubert Club is Minnesota’s first arts organization, founded in 1882. The Schubert Club is committed to sharing the finest musical arts through concerts, museum and education programs. The Schubert Club will participate in the festival with programming in its museum space and elsewhere in the Landmark Center from dusk to down.

In July 2010, the St. Anthony Park-based chamber music organization, Music in the Park Series, merged with The Schubert Club. Founded in 1978 by Julie Himmelstrup who continues to serve as artistic director, the Series is now part of The Schubert Club, presenting the finest chamber music ensembles from Minnesota and around the world. The marriage of these two organizations continues the tradition of excellent music in intimate concert settings.

The strength of The Schubert Club is due in no small part to the continuing devotion of music lovers, audience members, friends and foundations. This venerable organization remains strong and competitive, a source of renewal and pride for the Twin Cities classical music community. As we move deeper into the twenty-first century, The Schubert Club reaffirms its mission to promote the art of music—particularly recital music, through performance, education and museum programs—and to maintain a high standard of excellence.