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Bedtime Stories

Local writers, poets, comedians and songwriters gather in small groups to exchange tales in a story filibuster till dawn. Various sites on the Open Field.

Laurie Hertzel writes:

Beginning at 3 a.m. and ending at dawn–right around 5:30 a.m.–poets, songsters, writers and comedians will read or recite in small groups scattered across the Open Field at Walker Art Center. (The Walker’s contribution to the festival, Nightshift, includes many other events, including later gallery hours, lullabyes, and stargazing.)

Each bedtime story will last just ten minutes. (Wouldn’t want to put anyone to sleep, you know. Too much to do!) So far, nearly a dozen writers have agreed to forego sleep and entertain the sleepy, arty crowd–Valerie Deus,Gabrielle Civil,Terri Ford,Catherine Lundoff, John Colburn,Paula Cisewski,Gary Dop,Ute Bertog and Will Alexander–with more to come.

What will they read? What would you read at 4 a.m.? Susan Marie Swanson’s “The House in the Night”? Joyce Sidman’s “Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night”? Or something creepier, maybe–a little Dracula, a little “Twilight”? Too obvious? Maybe your own fevered journal entries, jotted down by the light of a full moon?
Nightowls and nightsiders, nighthawks and insomniacs, this one’s for you [1]

See what else is happening at Nightshift. [2]