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Landmark in a River City

Using two state of the art 15 thousand lumen projectors and a bit of stage lighting magic I plan to transform the north face architecture of the Landmark Center north tower into a playful interaction of water, color and light.

By graphically mapping the north face architecture of the Landmark Center north tower I will be able to break it into separate elements or “layers.” This allows me the opportunity to project multiple layers of video content onto different sections of the building façade at the same time. Then through the careful use of color a 3d illusion can be brought to life.

The video content will be combination of motion and still graphics, motion imagery and color. The content will then be played back from a media server and mixed live to the projectors by using a theatrical lighting console.

I will be supporting the projection by adding multiple color led lighting to the base of the building for another angle by which to “draw” out the different shapes of the building façade.

Michael Murnane

A 29-year veteran of theatrical lighting design, Michael Murnane has lit more than 1000 shows throughout the U.S., Canada, China, Tanzania, Kenya, as well as several countries in Europe. Throughout the wide range of theatrical genre in which Murnane works; theater, opera, concerts, galas, architecture, television, and corporate events, his designs win consistent praise for their power to bring the emotional tone of the work to life.

Andrew Saboe

From his Saint Paul lair, Andrew Saboe provides 2D and 3D design, illustration, and drafting services to pretty much anyone in the entertainment industry what will pay him to do it. This has helped him to dodge honest work for a good many years.