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GLOW-a-BOUT is a nightlong city game which depends on large-scale public participation!  Join in on the fun, it's accessible to all!  GLOW-a-BOUT combines the spirit of nostalgic neighborhood games and the Indian Holi Festival to create a new event celebrating the new Minnesota Festival, Northern Spark: A Nuit Blanche.  With your help, the game glows, sparkles, colors and excites the evening through an engaging process, high-energy game and stimulating visual experience.  There are fortresses, flags, pigmented powders, teams and glowing orbs…

For more information on how to participate email glowabout@gmail.com [1].

Carissa Samaniego was born in Colorado, grew up and was educated in Minnesota.  Her personal artwork takes the form of large-scale abstracted sculptures using a variety of materials.  She is inspired by costume design, textiles, patterns and the hype of festival.  She has worked on several participatory art events including the Art Shanty Projects, a 24 Hour Art Making event for Art-a-Wirl and the Watermelon/Watercraft Clash on the St. Croix River.  The city game for Northern Spark is an exciting combination of her interests and past projects.

Bridget Beck was born and grew up in South Dakota.  She was educated in South Dakota and Minnesota.  She has worked to exhibit her large-scale interactive sculptures nationally including Mark di Suvero's Spacetime Studio, NY and the Vermont Studio Center, VT.  Her work centers on the action of play and attempts to expose the complex intersections of place, belonging and object.  Bridget has co-created participatory art events in the past including the Winter Battle at Franconia Sculpture Park, MN.  GLOW-a-BOUT combines her personal artistic practice and the excitement of including others in her artwork.