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Insomniac Animated Film Fest

Insomniac Animated Film Fest

Come and join Trash Film Debauchery for a from-dusk-til-dawn trash fest including Adam West eating space sausages with the sun rises witness the rise of a jive talking, zoot-suited, hipster Jesus. Catch a single flick or stay all night. Bring pocket change for cheap concessions!”

Insomniac Film Fest Line-Up:

Robinson Crusoe on Mars @ 9PM (101 min)
Hard Ticket to Hawaii @ 10:45PM (96 min)
Bio-Zombie @ 12:30AM (94 min)
Maniac @ 2:05AM (87 min)
Greaser's Palace @ 3:35AM (91 min)

Trash Film Debauchery:

Trash Film Debauchery is in its eighth year showing b-movies and cult films around the Twin Cities; currently hosting free screenings at the Turf Club and series at the TRYLON microcinema. Specializing in cinema gold from alien invaders to flesh-eating zombies and plenty of wonderful crap in between.