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Living Cloud Cave

Brooklyn’s Artifact Shore, in collaboration with Alexa Horochowski,the Burnet Gallery and Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis, has developed an original four-part music and video experience inspired by Alexa’s “Cloud Cave” exhibit.

Live performances at 11 pm, 1 am, 3 am, 5 am

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Artifact Shore

The music of Brooklyn-based (by way of Minneapolis), Artifact Shore draws on influences ranging from noise, pop, post-rock, jazz, shoegazer, and prog rock, but estranges them in an effort to balance and put into opposition grace and fear, optimism and nihilism, clarity and distortion. Moving from introspection to catharsis, the band forges a haunted vision of terror and loss, but one that is always paired with a promise of beauty and redemption.

The band began playing together in earnest in 2005, when its core members, who hail from a range of musical backgrounds, began honing their sound using a mix of traditional rock instrumentation with electronic sources. Since then they have had multiple releases and have performed in clubs, galleries, and theaters in Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, and elsewhere, earning a reputation for a dynamic yet sonically punishing stage presence.

Artifact Shore’s most recent release, a full-length album entitled Instruments of the Devil, is far and away their most ambitious music to date, capturing the emotional reach and aural ambition of the band. The title track of the album was recently featured on The Wire Tapper 25, a compilation produced by UK magazine Wire. The compilation is available with the April 2011 issue.