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Mobile Hot Spot

Mobile Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot is an exploration of alternative energy, sustainability, and human powered solutions to rising fuel costs.
As a response to the rising fuels costs and consumption of energy in U.S. society, this project explores the potential of alternative energy production for everyday use by developing a mobile energy production platform from scrap car parts and exercise equipment, all in a compact mobile broadcast unit. These explorations are founded on the concept of freedom, from reliance on unsustainable consumption of energy firstly, but more broadly by the social freedoms demanded in the recent uprisings in Egypt, Libya, and even Wisconsin. The Mobile Hotspot will be tracking thoughts on freedom across the world by projecting live feeds of tweets containing #freedom and #energy paired with imagery related to power use, development, and innovation.

Aaron Marx

Aaron Marx is a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Architecture program and has a BA in mathematics and literature from Hamline University. His creative work is multidisciplinary. It explores the connections between the seemingly perfected world of science and the shifting realm of human experience. The tools of his explorations are built form, drawing, painting, photography, and digital collage. His current work focuses on digital art and 3D data-extraction.