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Skyspace Headphone Concerts

Headphone festivals emerged as an alternative performance environment for electronic musicians in response to noise regulations placed on live music venues throughout Europe. The Headphone Concert for Nightshift places this unique concert model inside the confines of the James Turrell Sky Pesher on the Walker Greenspace. Local musicians will perform live compositions through a series of headphone jacks and amps. The audience will be invited to sit around the performers on the Skyspace benches, plug-in their headphones and enjoy the show under the night sky. The program merges a collective concert experience with the intimate listening experience of headphones.

Performers include:

10am – Chris Strouth (Paris-1919) [1]http://paris-1919.com [2]

11pm – Ryan Olcott (FoodTeam) http://www.myspace.com/foodteammusic [3]

Midnight – Caly McMorrow http://www.calymcmorrow.com/ [4]

1 am – Grant Cutler http://www.grantcutler.com/ [5]

2 am – Vortex Navigation Company [6]http://www.seanconnaughty.com/ [7]

3 am – Scott Puhl

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