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Panelectric Dream Streams

Panelectric Living Cinema is a living, modern cinema that strives to be self-contained, mobile, intimate and interactive with the performance environment. Its main concerns are that of media and technology declared obsolete or 'dead,' that contain within not only a sense of historical context but also inherent meaning and praxis that is not wholly, if ever, irrelevant. This extends to our choice of content and narrative, drawing from fairy tale, myth and legend, seminal to the earliest cinema and continuing to inform the modern film.

Panelectric was founded in 1998 by Amelie Collins in an effort to navigate between the contrasting languages of magic lantern films and digital cinema, creating a dialogue that speaks to changing technology as informing content, the shift of ‘presenting’ context for film from an intimate one to mass audience and back again, and the future of anonymous narrative, as in myth, fairy tale and virtual medium. Panelectric currently had sound/audio support by John Vance, a composer who leans toward open structures that facilitate improvisation and interactive performance, incorporating unconventional strategies and instrumentation. John has worked as a performer/curator at the Walker Art Center, American Composers Forum, FuturePerfect series, Red Eye Theater, Intermedia Arts, No Name Exhibitions @ The Soap Factory, Heliotrope Festival and several International sound events.