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A pair of dice shaped shanties host many opportunities for families, friends and even total strangers to connect through gameplay including The Holy Roller, which alternates between transportation and game board; a table game based on the Art Shanty Projects; and play and pick up plans for some Scandahoovian yard games.


Minnesota author and cribbage-head, Jordan Wicklund will be playing a marathon of cribbage from sundown to sunup for charity. Donate to play or learn from the best or sponsor Jordan’s nocturnal peg counting. More information:


“You-brought-her-you-euchre” couples euchre workshop. Learn the ins and outs of this partner-based cardgame.

10-pm – 2pm

“You-brought-her-you-euchre” couples euchre tournament. Couples only. At the end we will crown the most successful team ‘The right and left Bowers’.

Mike Haeg

is the mayor of Minnesota’s smallest small town, Mt. Holly, MN (pop. 4). The primary exports of Mt. Holly consist mainly of art and hacked together items.

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