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Power of the People Community Breakfast

Starting with the ingredients of movement, moderation, and water, then sprinkling in some ideas from the Black Panthers’ Free Breakfast for Oakland youth, Kaotic Good Productions’ head cook Mero Cocinero Karimi will work whomever shows up and whatever ingredients everyone has and use them to make a breakfast using the power of the people. The challenge: how do you make a balanced breakfast that empowers everyone to connect as a joyous, powerful, healthy community? Come and find out. Bring ingredients or just yourself. Delicious food preparation, hearty discussion, fun cooking, and sassy dishwashing guaranteed. “Wake up People, it’s time to cook and eat!” – Mero Cocinero Karimi

Kaotic Good Productions

Kaotic Good Productions creates and produces ensemble-based interdisciplinary, interactive performances to explore the revelations that occur when pop culture, personal history, and politics collide. We mix cultures and genres, and value interconnectedness. We believe that everyone plays a part in the performance, even the audience, and we encourage onlookers to engage in dialogue about how mixed culture celebrates individuality and divergence at the same time. Guided by Artistic Director, Robert Karimi, critically-acclaimed performer, writer and spoken word artist from the San Francisco Bay Area, Kaotic Good has received multiple grants and awards, most notably from the Mayor of Anchorage, AK; the NEA; Illinois Humanities Council; Minnesota State Arts Board; National Performance Network; Creative Capital and the MAP Fund.