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Rock and Ships

Existing as comfortably on the street as in the institutional white box, my work is multilingual and hybrid, a direct result of a cultural cannibalism that repeatedly crosses borders between high and low art. Found objects coexist with more traditional materials to produce psychological environments where the fantastic and everyday vie for center stage.

Utilizing the artificial horizon of the exhibition space where wall meets floor, I reconstruct site-specific landscapes made up of figurative sculpture, video projections, sound, fluorescent lights, carpeting, and other synthetic materials.

Sculptural objects function as props that can be continually rearranged to suggest multiple narratives and distinct installations.

Enamels such as powder coats, chrome and auto paint mask traditional materials such as steel and bronze to create works that confound a simple understanding of materials. A bronze figure looks crafted out of porcelain or a branch may appear to be the original, contradicting expectations of mass and volume.