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Curator Corinna Kirsch brings together artists from Minneapolis and the Midwest, as well as Europe for an exhibition mixing the formal language of minimal and conceptual art with the intimacy of personal and cultural memories, the exhibition features artists emblazoned with melodrama, humor, and beauty-like a sigh or a gasp for authenticity in the oftentimes brash, ironic air.

A thing is never a mere thing, an eraser is never just an eraser. The works in The Erasers act as gathering points for what has been lost or forgotten through time. As such labyrinthine objects, an emphasis on materials pervades the works’ surfaces that are sometimes roughly assembled, sometimes delicate, and other times highly polished. In this exhibition, the artists utilize the deceptiveness of materials, embracing the stream of dislocations found in life where at one moment objects, like ourselves, are one thing and in the very next breath, another.