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Sideshow Soo

Join Soo Visual Arts Center to explore oddities of the artistic kind with Sideshow Soo. In celebration of SooVAC’s 10th anniversary we have invited local artists to create carnival inspired games and other curiosities. Come and experience the wonder and mischievous fun as we celebrate 10 years of serving the Minnesota arts community.

Carnival goers will have the chance to rescue stranded unicorns, spear stuffed animal weiner-dogs with antlers, reconstruct the natural order of things, play constrained table tennis and much, much more. And no carnival experience would be complete without some traditional cuisine, so throughout the evening on Saturday June 4 the Chef Shack will be serving up hot dogs, bison burgers, tacos, nachos and other tasty treats. We have to keep to some secrets though so come by to see for yourself and have some fun as we celebrate 10 years of SooVAC.

Visual artist Suzy Greenberg founded Soo Visual Arts Center in 2001, inspired by the conviction that art is essential to personal and community health and vitality. Over the past tens years SooVAC has been proud to exhibit the work of over 250 local artists and is looking forward to many more years of highlighting the work of exceptional local and emerging artists.