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Snap Shot Shanty

The Snap Shot Shanty is a context-driven portrait studio and multipurpose art space, used to facilitate projects with its attendees. In its past incarnations on the frozen lake, the Snap Shot Shanty intended to reverse the notion of the cold and brutal winter landscape into an experience of warmth, humor, and fun. Similarly, the middle of the night is also a period to retreat from, but the Snap Shot Shanty team intends to undo the notion of the dark and lonely night and transform it into an experience of light and festivity, with programming along side the portrait studio such as a dance party (with guest dj’s from the Dance Shanty), a karaoke party (with guests from the Norae Shanty), ghost stories, and lots of light based photo experiments for attendees to participate in. All will be documented on the Snap Shot Shanty website thesnapshotshanty.blogspot.com [1].

Programming Schedule:


Molly – mollyroth.com [2]
Emily – emilydarnell.org [3]
Terese – mysterese.com [4]
Sam Hoolihan – mnartists.org/artistHome.do?rid=186822 [5]
Sam Scranton – http://volcanoisaband.com/ [6]