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Station Identification

Station Identification is an interactive exploration of the Twin Cities’ radio landscape, which will be broadcasting (and receiving) live from the observation deck of The Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis during Northern Spark.

An important but often overlooked part of our connection to the geography of modern cities comes not from maps or road signs, but from the radio dial. Whether an individual grows up listening to a particular cityʼs radio stations or is simply in transit and scanning for listening material, a regionʼs radio stations can have a deep and sometimes very emotional connection to place.

Station Identification explores this landscape by transforming the Foshay Tower’s observation deck into

a radio compass. Guests walking through the space — an open air deck encircling the tower’s peak — will have the experience of scanning the radio dial with their feet. Radio receivers encircling the observation deck will be placed according to the cardinal direction of their corresponding broadcasting tower (i.e. radio stations with transmitters to the south will be located on the southern end of the observation deck).

Additionally, Station Identification allows visitors to respond to their experience via a temporary Internet radio station located in the Foshay Tower. Anyone with access to speakers and an Internet connection will be able to listen to radio programming inspired by the location & experience — taking a local experience and broadcasting it globally.