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Twin Cities Re-Imagined

Twin Cities Re-Imagined will invite the public to reflect upon, and participate in physical evolution of the Twin Cities. By using recycled found objects, we will create an interactive model of the Twin Cities. The model will interpret and represent the key geographical features, street patterns, sweeping landscapes, and cultural landmarks of the Cities. Placed on the model will be a hundreds of small one-inch-scale buildings, as well as swaths of miniature plant materials (grasses, shrubs, trees). By touching and moving the small buildings on the model the public will be allowed to investigate various urban forms that typify the Twin Cities, and to project their own ideas onto the model about the physical nature of the city. In this way the viewer becomes an active participant in the creation and evolution of the work.


PRAIRIEFORM is a landscape design and planning practice based in Los Angeles and Minneapolis, born out of and inspired by the short- and tall-grass prairie that once covered a significant portion of the United States.


PlaceIt! is a design-based urban planning initiative developed by urban planner James Rojas that uses model-building workshops and on-site interactive models to help engage the public in the planning and design process.