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Waste Not

Waste Not is a massive outdoor video projection that explores the true scale of waste production and energy consumption in Minneapolis. The project will allow you to both see and experience the answers to questions like: Where does our waste go when it leaves the curb? How much collective waste do we produce in Minneapolis every hour? What are we throwing away? And how much energy is produced from our waste? Waste Not offers new perspectives on a grand scale.

While intended to be visually compelling, Waste Not isn’t just eye candy. At its core, the Waste Not visualizations are driven by a sophisticated real-time computer model that integrates the latest public data provided by the City of Minneapolis, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, Covanta & the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center, the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Census Bureau and others.

Christopher Baker

Christopher Baker is an artist whose work engages the rich collection of social, technological and ideological networks present in the urban landscape. He creates artifacts and situations that reveal and generate relationships within and between these networks. Baker recently completed his Master of Fine Arts in Experimental and Media Arts at the University of Minnesota. He is now the senior artist‐in‐residence at the Kitchen Budapest, an experimental media arts lab in Hungary. In his previous life as a scientist, Christopher worked to develop brain‐computer interfaces at the University of Minnesota and UCLA.