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Food Vendors

From dusk till dawn is a long time to go without food. Luckily all of your favorite food trucks and vendors will be out in force to service your grumbling stomachs. Here’s what you can find in Zone A

Dandelion Kitchen ****Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dandelion Kitchen is unable to participate in Northern Spark.****

Location: Soap Factory
Hours: 8:55 pm – 5:28 am
This bright yellow truck serves local, organic sandwiches made from scratch plus seasonal sides and homemade sodas.

Cruzn Café

Location: Parking lot at south end of Stone Arch Bridge
Hours: 8:55 pm – 5:28 am
Pulled pork and chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, espresso, smoothies and nachos. Watch the sunrise over the bridge with Cruzn's breakfast tacos!