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Regis Center for Art, University of Minnesota

We base our mission on this premise: art is the core of the humanities.

As art derives its cultural value and meaning from various histories, the department encourages and supports a wide variety of approaches and encourages the open exploration of media in new ways as well as supporting traditional practices. It is a goal of the Department of Art to instruct students at all levels of development in the means and methods of contemporary art theory and practice.

The Department of Art is committed to promoting artistic awareness and the conceptual development of its students through a broad range of disciplines and art forms. Creative expression of our students is fostered within the highest standards of creative and critical engagement, pedagogical rigor, and professional practice.

The Department of Art strives to develop the artistic awareness of its students through the excellence of its facilities and the highest professional standards of its faculty. The faculty of the department are all engaged in the creation of new work, writing, and pursuing research on local, national, and international levels, providing the insight necessary for the critical discussion and evolution of student ideas.